Was Deep Blue Kasparov’s best friend?


Sophisticated boards at a few hedge funds and high-tech companies are giving seats and voting rights to AI algorithms. This is going to be a more standard practice in the next few years as we master the balance between our emotional responses and the data-drive approach of machine learning. We all know collaboration is always key, but this time is a whole new game. Kasparov was as tough as they come ’til the day Deep Blue killed all doubts about modern computer capabilities. What about Kasparov + Deep Blue? Can’t see anything more creative and insightful than such combo. This is how real human-robot interaction will actually unfold: boring for filmmakers who prefer doom scenarios of machines taking over but great for businesspeople who favor strategy and profits. So, get over it: Terminator is not the future. Investments à la Wealthfront are.


By Aaron Benitez